Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tabah Menempuh Cabaran..We Can Do it!

As-salam kepada semua,

Mungkin sudah agak lama saya tidak menulis di ruangan ini. Hal ini demikian kerana saya telah ditimpa satu musibah yang akhirnya sedikit sebanyak membantutkan perjalanan kehidupan harian saya.

Dalam 2 minggu yang lepas, kereta yang saya naiki bersama teman istimewa saya telah dipecah masuk oleh pencuri dan laptop Asus bersama P1 Wimax kepunyaan saya malangnya telah dicuri dalam kejadian yang berlaku di Parking Lot Mid Valley Megamall. Ketika itu, saya sedang menghadiri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Charity Blood Donation di lokasi. Apakan daya yang mampu saya lakukan.hanya mampu berserah kepada takdir disebabkan kecuaian meninggalkan laptop di bawah driver seats dalam keadaan bateri terpasang.huuh.

Moral of the story : Never ever ever ever leave ur electronic device ie laptop, DSLR camera or anything with battery attached to a device in a car. They say that nowadays, thieves r so advances that they have a device that could detect electronic device in car.ok

Nevertheless life must go on. although there r quite a lot of paperwork, letters, proposal n assignment plus tonnes of important audio n video (including the latest USANA audio n video i got from my business partner the day before..huhuhu).. but i have to find a way to pass through this challenge.. Coz i my best friend always said to me, " we will learn the most when we r down or at the bottom, if not, we will never know our weakness. I believe this unfortunate event will help me to event boost my confidence to a whole greater level than before.

Today, actually i manage to have a USANA HealthScience business meeting dengan my business partner leader, Suren n his gf Aruna. Plus i meet a new friend Adrian. They are very nice n excited about the business. We had a very wonderful n productive meeting planning business strategies for the future. I m very looking forward to expand the business with them. They r very young businessman ( 25-30 years old) but they are very good, humble, matured thinking n they are making profit very well n the business n i am also working very hard aiming that one day i can be like them also ....yiosh!!! So if any of you r reading this n sense an opportunity to start a business, we are most welcome to have u in our team, part-time or full time!!

So, that's it from me, have to go back n concentrate on my study..mgu dpn da start my final exam. Wish me luck n c u again from time to time. Thanx for spending ur time reading.


Wan Azizul Faiz @ tom

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